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About Fit Women of God

About Fit Women of God:


Fit Women of God is a faith-based personal development company specializing in helping women achieve total fitness.

The mission of Fit Women of God is to educate, equip, and empower Christian women as they learn how to live fit for Christ. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools and resources to help women renovate their mind, body, and overall health. Fit Women of God is committed to helping women regain their joy as they learn how to remove the masks, unlocking their true identity in Christ.

Our Herstory:

Fit Women of God began in 2012 as a fitness and health ministry by founder, Tamara Crutcher, after she experienced breakthroughs in her own weight loss journey. However, over the course of a few years, Tamara battled with outside and internal stressors that negatively impacted her health, undoing the successes she had previously achieved. From weight gain to thyroid problems to symptoms of depression to physical setbacks, she knew her path had taken a sharp turn into a dark pit. As she slowly crawled out of this pit, Tamara said, "I knew I needed to experience some serious change. I needed to transform. I was tired of seeing my life cycle repeat. I wanted to COMPLETE something." From there, she set out on a journey to re-think FIT.  

Since Tamara's transformation began, she has set out to treat the whole woman of God. Fit Women of God, now more than ever, is committed to helping women break their own cycles of self-sabotage and defeat by teaching them how to be faithful in transition. Fit Women of God offers support, prayer, workouts, challenges, and resources to help you become faithful in transition and blossom into a complete woman of God. We also have coaching sessions, programs, workshops, and more available to help you become the woman of God you were predestined to be.


The Fit Women Of God Mindset

(Philippians 4:13) The Fit Woman Of God Mindset is that with God, we can do the IMPOSSIBLE! Fit Women Of God trusts in God to provide us with the strength, support, and guidance as we work to overcome obstacles.

The Fit Women Of God Way

(James 2:26) The Fit Women Of God Way operates by taking action and fighting our “fears” with FAITH! We believe in the POWER of prayer, fasting, praise, and action!

The Fit Women Of God Challenge

Our goal is to challenge you to see yourself achieving what you once thought was impossible.