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About Our Founder

Fit Women Of God was created by Tamara Crutcher after years of struggling to get anywhere on the fitness journey. 

As the saying goes, "Smile to hide the pain," well that was me. Ask anyone that knows of me, and they will usually say something about me always smiling and joking around. However, what they were not aware of was the pain behind the smile.

My Struggle

For years, I secretly battled low self-esteem, depression, suicidal thoughts and ideations, and an eating disorder NOS. Yep, my outward appearance was one big cover up story to hide it all. The older I became, the harder it was to hide. I was spiraling out of control. My ability to starve myself gave way to overeating. I ate my feelings and my boredom. Then, I would follow up with a mentally abusive cycle for allowing myself to get to such a low.

The self-inflicted abuse led me on a path of extreme methods of weight loss. I would try dieting, rigorous exercise programs, and became an infomercial junkie. I would lose a few pounds and gain it all back. I was in a miserable cycle of trying to reach unattainable standards. My first real break in the cycle came when I entered into a pact with my sister in Christ.

My First Breakthrough  

For a brief period, we committed to fasting and walking daily to get back on track with our health. No matter the weather outside or the event, we promised to stay committed. In a short amount of time, God changed how we viewed our bodies and our health. Our time together helped to birth the vision of Fit Women of God so that other women can come together in agreement for the health and wellness of each other through Christ.

Breakthrough #2

After getting back on track, my years of yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits had taken a toll on me internally. My thyroid levels were out of whack and as was my weight again. Finding myself cycling through the same downward spiral as before, I grew furious with myself again. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, God spoke life into me. He taught me that I had been going about this journey all wrong. Apparently, I had been trying to fix me as though I was damaged goods. What God showed me was that I was a Masterpiece that needed to re-think what it meant to be fit. 

Breakthrough #3

The problem was that I was working towards becoming fit as though it was the endpoint. What I learned is that FIT is not an ending, but it is an on-going process of being faithful in transition. When you understand that you are already fit, you will see that your goal is not to get fit but to maintain your health. This breakthrough has opened up a new drive within me.

From there, I took action again to learn what it truly to take to live a FIT life.

Now, it is my vision that all women learn to see themselves as a masterpiece. I don't want you to spend so much time working on the outward version of you, while the inward you is dying. I want to see you flourish into the fullness of God's calling on your life in all areas.

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, group workshops, trainings, and workbooks to help you achieve your best FIT life.

Not A Size 2 (1)



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Tamara is an author, minister, speaker, and certified life and wellness coach. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. Her experience is in mental health management, counseling, and Christian coaching.