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Father’s Day: A Love/Hate Relationship

Well, it has been a little bit since I last posted. I have started several blogs, but I ended up writing long sagas so I sat them aside. Then, there was this. It was clear I needed to share and what better day than Father’s Day.. I used to hate father’s day. I mean despise…

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Strength In Numbers

Hey Fit Woman of God! May has been a CRAZY month! Not only are we preparing to go out of town, but I have also been behind the scenes creating a new 4-week growth academy that will help position you for your next level. Let’s talk about this trip for a moment. I am getting…

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Are You Rooted?

Rooted for survival… Are You Anchored? As I was outside digging up a bush, I couldn’t help but focus on its strength to remain. See this bush had already withstood the force of my husband and broke one shovel. So, I go out tackle it with our new, expensive shovel thinking the task would be…

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Wanted for Following Christ

“Even if it gets me convicted I’ll be on my knees with my hands lifted… I want to be guilty.” – “GUILTY” by Newsboys The other day as I was preparing for my devotional time this song began playing in my mind. Now, songs in my devotional times are not uncommon because I am one…

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Prepared to Receive

“Vision begins with provision, and provision begins with preparation. You have to be prepared for what He (God) sends your way.” Taffiney Williams, Founder of Journey to Impact When we set out to achieve total fitness, our goal usually involves one purpose: lose weight. In our minds, weight loss is the ultimate signal that you…

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