Let's Do Life Together.

Congratulations on Taking the Steps to Become A Healthier Version of YOU!

Here at Fit Women of God, we are committed to cultivating the whole you so that you grow strong and healthy. To ensure you get the most out your time here with us, we put together this helpful guide below.

Getting the Most Out of Fit Women of God:

  1. Get Connected.  Connect with our founder and others on the journey to total fitness by liking our Facebook page.

  2. Get Focused. Write down what you want to accomplish. Make a plan. Then, share it with us on Facebook, so we can help you stay motivated. If you struggle with this, we offer affordable goal planning sessions.

  3. Get Moving. We have several challenges and workouts below to help you get moving. Our desire is that you start taking small steps towards becoming more active.

Challenges and Workouts

Disclaimer: Please consult with a medical professional before beginning any activity, workout, or challenge. This material is intended for your general knowledge and does not take the place of medical advice or treatment of any conditions. Begin any workout or challenge at your own risk.