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Going Deeper In the Bible

Are you lost as to how to approach the Bible? Perhaps, you are curious how the Bible comes together as a complete book. Well, the following information is just for you…

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

Psalm 119:105

As followers and believers of Jesus Christ, we are awarded with the privilege of being heirs to the legacy and promises of God. But, if we are not aware of what the Word of God says, then how can we receive what we have been promised? Questions, such as this one, show a greater question present in the lives of Christians: “How can I learn the word of God and grow deeper in my knowledge of, as well as my ability to recall, scriptures in the Bible?”

Questions about the Bible do not equate to a lack of faith or a lack of relationship with God. It actually speaks to a deeper desire to grow closer to the Lord and uphold His statutes while walking in His will. The Bible contains the tools we need to conquer the opposition we face as believers and stories of how others grew in their faith. As well as, it is the foundation upon which we build effective prayer and develop a greater understanding of the Lord.

We, here at Fit Women of God, want to help you develop a strong foundation to grow upon in your spiritual journey. So we put together the following lists.

What Do I Need to Go Deeper In the Bible?

  1. A relationship with Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You can read a book and never know the author, but to go deeper in the Bible you have to know the Creator. The Lord is the sole purpose, focus, and reason for the Bible. You cannot omit Him if you are serious about expanding your understanding. See our article here on accepting Jesus Christ into your life.
  2. A Bible. It sounds strange, but you NEED the Bible to study it. Several people have attempted to speak about the Bible and have never opened it to a single Book.
  3. A Notepad. You need to keep a notepad or journal to help you record any connections made or revelations about events. It is also a place to keep track of what you have read.
  4. Time. Have a set time that you focus only on studying the Bible and spending time with God in His Word. Do not rush through it because you may miss the meat of the text.

What Are A Few Ways to Approach the Bible?

First Approach: As a storybook divinely inspired by the Lord. From Genesis to Revelations, the Bible tells a powerful story of who God is, how He formed us in His image, how His love has been shown towards us, how He has been a guide for His people, and so much more.

Second Approach: Historical documentation about one of God’s beautiful creations: Mankind. The Bible is filled with so much insight into the events of the past, its effect on the present, and how mankind’s actions affect the future.

Third Approach: (Most common) A topical point of reference for living a godly life. The Bible covers all topics: from gossip to murder to sex, lies, and cover ups… even divorce. The list goes on when talking about the topics found in the Bible.

Do not be afraid to dive into the Word of God. Take joy in discovering God’s word. The list of ways to approach the Bible are not the end all of Bible studying, but it is a good starting point. Finally, reach out to other believers and start a conversation about what you read as you study the Bible. Join a Bible study group and build upon your knowledge.

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