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What Do You Do When Your Mind Is Sick?

We can accept sickness just about anywhere else in the body, yet we deny the failing health of our minds. Why is that? Do you not consider your mind as a vital part of your health? No, I didn't think so either. 

Some illnesses are easier to accept than other, especially those that have outward symptoms. But what about your mind? If a part of your mind does not function as it should, then you have to battle with people seeing your symptoms as a definitive identifier of you. And that is not fair. You matter. You are not just the person with a diagnosis. You are a human being that God created and loves unconditionally. Therefore, it is time to start looking at yourself separately from your diagnosis and from your symptoms.

So, what should you do when your mind is sick:

Admit Your Struggle. GET HELP.

Mental health issues arise in all of us. You are not alone. The only difference is severity. Be honest about your struggle with yourself. Just like with any other illness, mental health should be treated. Some require medication, others do not. You may require therapy, but someone else may be fine with a trusted confidant. Either way, it has to be addressed.

Having a mental illness is not a death sentence. Take time to take care of the whole you. You are more valuable than you realize. It may be minor depression now, but it can escalate suddenly if not treated right.