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Coaching and Programs

We Want to See You Grow!

Fit Women of God is committed to helping you grow from a seed into a your full crowning glory. We want to see you walking in the fullness God predestined for you. 

Therefore, if you are desiring to gain more energy, learn how to set real goals, and see your total life transform, then we have something for you. We utilize prayer, workbooks, Scripture, fasting, and coaching to help transition you from your right now into your next level. 

Goal Planning Sessions help you to get clear on what it is you want to achieve and develop clear action steps to propel closer to your endpoint.

The Seedling Package is our new 4 Session coaching package pre-designed to help you learn what it takes to position yourself for optimum growth potential. We focus on how to prepare for a healthier lifestyle, planning for success, nourishment for the process, and seeing growth happen.

Also, we offer more intensive programs for those who are ready to grow higher. To obtain more information, please fill out the form below.

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