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WOOHOO! You Get to Take Care Of The Most Beautiful Gift: YOU!

So, you are tired of seeing your life happen to you and are ready to take action... WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NEXT?!?

Well, we are glad you asked. Becoming a healthier version of you should not feel like you are dying to everything you once knew and loved. Yes, you may have to adjust how you do things. However, you should not view the start of a healthier lifestyle as a mourning period for all of the things you will be losing. You should rejoice! Why? Because you are getting the opportunity to take care of God's most prized possession: YOU. When you understand your worth from God's perspective, you can begin viewing your life, your health, and your wellness from a greater perspective... God's perspective.

Why Limit Yourself When You Can Achieve Total Fitness

Therefore, to help you get started on this journey, we have created a challenge based off of our founder's Total Fitness 7 Day Active Devotional.

This challenge is designed to work along side the devotional and free toolkit to help cultivate good ground for you to grow strong and healthy.

Through the process you will:

  • Learn how God views you

  • Discover the importance of Harmony, not balance in life

  • Fast to gain clarity on your health and God's purpose for you

  • Create a plan of Action for your health

The Total Fitness Challenge is a 7-Day, Action-packed, thought-provoking challenge designed to make you rethink what you know about fitness and health.

Ready to Take The Total Fitness 7 Day Challenge?

  1. Purchase your copy of the Total Fitness 7 Day Active Devotional. (Available for Kindle and Paperback)

  2. Follow the link inside to download your free toolkit.

  3. Start the Total Fitness Challenge. (Bonus Surprises await you)

What Is the Total Fitness Challenge?

The Total Fitness Challenge is a 7-Day Action-packed, thought-provoking process designed to re-shape how you view your health and fitness.

Who Is the Total Fitness Challenge For?

The Total Fitness Challenge is for any woman that:

  • is ready to see her health back in alignment

  • has tried dieting, extreme programs, and weight loss supplements in the name of fitness

  • simply wants to present her body back to God

How do you begin the Total Fitness Challenge?

  • Order your copy of the Total Fitness 7 Day Active Devotional (now available in ebook and hardcopy form)

  • Follow the link inside to download your free toolkit

  • Start the fast within and check your email for additional resources along the way

Why Should You Take the Challenge?

Our response is "Why not?"

Why not take 7 days to spend time seeing what God's word has to say about you, your health, and your fitness..

Why not partake in a fast for your health, giving way to learning God's expectations for your in this season..

Why not allow yourself to experience the harmony that comes from being totally fit..

Ready to Take The Total Fitness 7 Day Challenge Now?

Still not convinced...

For as little as $1.99 you can get:

  • 7-Days of Scripture Based devotionals

  • A Fasting Guide

  • Daily Prayers for your Health and Fitness

Inside the TOOLKIT, You Get:

  • Our Time to Focus Worksheet: This is one of the forms used in our Goal planning sessions.

  • The Purpose for the Total Fitness Fast

  • Our P.O.U.R. Method Devotional-time Reflection page: The POUR method shows you how to structure your devotional time with God

  • A Progress Tracker/Workout Tracker/Daily Water Intake Sheet

  • A Weekly Meal-Planning Sheet

  • Motivational Quotes for Your Fitness Vision Board

Stop Waiting For Tomorrow to Start? Take the Challenge Now.

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