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Are You Rooted?

Rooted for survival…

Are You Anchored Properly?

Are You Anchored?

As I was outside digging up a bush, I couldn’t help but focus on its strength to remain. See this bush had already withstood the force of my husband and broke one shovel. So, I go out tackle it with our new, expensive shovel thinking the task would be easy.


As I threw my weight upon the shovel, I was met with a hard thunk that sent a sensation up my arms. No matter what angle I was coming at this small bush I couldn’t miss these hard thunks. What I realized was that though this bush appeared small, it was anchored on all sides.

See over the span of this bush’s life, it had learned to survive. On every side of this bush was at least two thick roots securing it to the ground. On top of that, the other roots had intertwined themselves in such as way that no matter what angle I was coming from this bush was ready to put up a fight. I don’t know who was more worn out: me or the new expensive shovel. But we were giving this little bush all of our might. 

Now, eventually my new expensive shovel won out, but not before this small bush almost split it in half too.

Are You Rooted?

This left me with a very small, but mighty lesson.

  1. Do not underestimate the power of small things.
  2. Don’t leave yourself unprotected. Guard all sides.

This life will take you into some spaces that will either strengthen your roots (staying power) or cut you down. In those times, you must be prepared for the battle ahead. Don’t make the fight easy for the enemy. Get rooted. Stay in the Word of God. Build up your support system. Nourish your body. Strengthen your mind. 

The devil works much like we did to defeat this bush. He will send out weaker attacks first to test you. If they won’t break you, then he will send out the stronger attackers. Don’t go down without a fight because just when you are ready to give up God will show up. Like this bush, you may appear small and dead on the outside, but I know you still got some fight left in you.

Get Rooted. Anchor Yourself for Survival.


Take time to access your root system. Leave your answers below.

How rooted are you?

Is there enough anchoring you to God, that no matter the direction or the size of the attacker, you would be able to withstand the attack?

Furthermore, would your attacker know, after a battle with you, that your roots are strong and mighty?

If not, then what do you need to develop your root system (staying power)?

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