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Strength In Numbers

Strength In Numbers: Two Are Better than One

Hey Fit Woman of God! May has been a CRAZY month! Not only are we preparing to go out of town, but I have also been behind the scenes creating a new 4-week growth academy that will help position you for your next level.

Let’s talk about this trip for a moment. I am getting used to the idea of flying. This will only be my second roundtrip and this time it’s to the other side of the good ol’ USA. I am frantically trying to prepare for this. So, to say I am a bit frazzled would be an understatement. I know the Lord is preparing me to travel for Him. He has already told me that I will speak to His women, so now I am in that uncomfortable stage of growth where the Lord stretches you gradually for the road up ahead. It is not meant to be pretty. These seasons are meant to transform us into who God has called us to be. Therefore, if we are not careful, then we will miss out on God’s blessing by being too busy complaining about where we are. Again, our goal is to be Faithful in Transition: FIT. This requires some strength and conditioning training, which brings me to what I wanted to share today.

As we go through these transitional season, it can appear as though we are alone in this journey. I mean, how could anyone possibly understand what I am going through, right? WRONG! This past Sunday the Lord showed me just how He works. This past Sunday, I got to be a part of a special, emergency ministry situation. When I tell you that God showed up… The Lord came through for our sister in Christ. Oh, if I could only tell you of how God had introduced me to her at our workshop the previous weekend, not realizing that she would be at my church on Sunday morning. We had no idea that our paths would cross again past a few phone calls. So to have her show up on a Sunday that the Lord had already told me to be ready to serve was nothing short of AMAZING.  By the end of our first service, she had a handful of women, myself included, ready to assist her, pray with her, and walk with her through the day on Sunday. Not only that, but we developed a team to continue covering her and praying with her as she goes through a transitional period in life.

As we were assisting her with needs, spoken and unspoken, the Lord reminded me that we were never meant to walk this journey alone. The plan was for us to disciple one another and help each other to grow stronger in our walk the Lord. Some are called to be spiritual midwives, there to help in the birthing process of the journey. However, I was called to walk with women as they transition through those difficult spaces of life.

The beauty of it all is realizing that God knew what this woman would need: a familiar face, a welcoming spirit, and strength in knowing that she is not alone in this space. Often we can get so busy in life that we forget Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 teaches us the power of doing life together. Together we are strong, but separately we are easily overpowered by satan and other ungodly influences. Since satan knows this, he tries to isolate us in times of distress. When he cannot achieve it physically, he will work to isolate your mind with ungodly thoughts. But I am here to tell you that Satan is a Liar and the truth is not in him. You do not have to spend another moment suffering in silence. We are sisters in Christ. We are in this together.

Just like God has equipped me with the knowledge and skills for the work He has called me to, He will do the same for you. Never underestimate your ability to help another sister out because you are not able to identify or understand her journey. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply prove that you are there for her with a gentle word.

Life is already hard enough. Stop suffering in silence giving satan time to play around in your thoughts. We created a space just for you in our FITWay Sisterhood group on Facebook.

 I invite you to join the group and be vocal about the period of transition that you are in. We are there to support you, whether it is fitness and health, relationships, spiritually, or just life in general, we are there ready to pray with you.


P.S. If you are interested in our new 4-week program, email tamarac@fitwomenofgod.com to get more information… before it rolls out.

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